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Journaling 101: Creative Journal Ideas For Kids

Journaling doesn’t have to take on one shape or form, instead it can be a culmination of many types of expression. Some creative journal ideas might include: recording random thoughts, collecting quotes, tracking habits and schedules, processing emotions, and manifesting goals and dreams. 

One recent study even showed that journaling about nature in childhood can spark wonder and develop ecological literacy. 

Journaling doesn’t stop there though! Another interesting fact is that when children use their imagination for things such as expressive writing, drawing, or even recalling situations, it engages the prefrontal cortex; which is the same area of the brain also used for rational decision-making.

Even when your child doesn’t feel like journaling it can be extremely beneficial if they stick to it! Having a consistent journaling routine can increase your child’s emotional intelligence.

Keep your little one engaged in a routine by introducing them to new ways of doing the same thing. In this article we’ll explore a number of creative journal ideas for kids, so your child feels inspired to pick up their pen and paper daily.

Fun Journal Ideas For Kids

Creative journal ideas don’t need to be complex or require an extensive budget. Instead of looking at a journal as a place that’s only meant for words, fun journaling ideas will include many different means of expression.

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Idea #1: Simple objects in a room have unlimited potential to engage your little one. Take your home for an example. Have your child collect 3 objects from around the house and write a story about them. 

Idea #2: Get creative with calligraphy…or any special fonts. Checkout and discover fun typefaces for your child to practice re-creating in their journal. Not only will this be an amusing activity, it also encourages concentration and can help them develop clearer handwriting. 

Idea #3: A travel journal can be used for places you’ve already visited, or to outline the adventures ahead! Invite your child to sit down with their journal and glue photos, stamps, souvenir tickets, etc into their journal.

If they want to make a section for somewhere they haven’t gone yet, have them clip images out of a travel magazine or print photos from the web.

Creative Journal Design Ideas

Is your little one spatially gifted? Do they like arranging and rearranging things? If so, these creative journal design ideas might be perfect for them!

Idea #1: Collect leaves and flowers from your local area. Let them dry in the sun and then have your child glue them to the outside of their journal, giving them a unique cover of their own.

Idea #2: Print off favorite photos with friends and family for your child to cover the outside of their journal with. These photos can serve as a reminder for all the love they have in their life.

Idea #3: Have your child create a timeline of their life, goals, or upcoming events. This is especially handy if your little one is prone to anxious moments—having a timeline can give them the stability to see how things might unfold.

Creative Journal Page Ideas

Once your little one has decorated their journal on the outside, it’s time to take that creative energy to the pages within! Here are our top 5 creative journal page ideas.

Idea #1: Fold down the corners of the journal pages to create secret pockets for little notes and daily journaling.

Idea #2: Get some collage paper so your child can transform the inner pages of their journal. Perhaps they rotate between their favorite colors or create a pattern of shades to flip through.

Idea #3: Add sparkles! Although these are not the cleanest in the craftroom, sparkles can be used to make your child’s words shine.

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Idea #4: Ribbons are a great way to decorate your child’s journal. Perhaps they want to create an internal frame, add tassels to the bottom, insert a bookmark, or or create a bind that can tie their book shut.

Idea #5: Have your child divide their journal into sections: months, days of the week, family, friends, school, hobbies, and etc. Each section can become a unique place for them to write about that part of their life. As they come back to the section they will be able to easily compare and contrast what’s happened overtime as well.

Creative Journaling Ideas For Mental Health

Giving your little one tools to support their mental health from a young age can have an immense impact as they become more independent and move towards adolescents. These creative journaling techniques are ones that can be used across all ages, making them timeless practices for now and later in your child’s life.

Idea #1: Self-compassion is crucial for growth. Invite your little one to sit down and write themselves a letter with the idea of practicing compassion towards themself. What are they challenged by in life right now? What recent failure might they have experienced? Let this letter inspire them to see challenges as opportunities to love themself for trying hard things.

Idea #2: Have your little one write a letter to their past, present, and future self. The letter can focus on forgiveness, wisdom they’ve learned, or anything else.

Idea #3: Exercise forgiveness by having your child write a letter to someone who has hurt them in the past. In the letter they can explain to this person how their actions made them feel, and that they choose to let go of any sadness or anger they are holding onto. 

Creative Journaling Techniques

It’s time to crack out all the photos, paints, pens, markers, and crayons as your child puts on their creative thinking cap. These creative journaling techniques are perfect for any who has a visionary child.

Idea #1: Get crafty with a collage! Have your child turn their journal into a collage of the week/month or one that encapsulates their current age.

Idea #2: Envision life with a vision board! Invite your child to transform their journal into a vision board that outlines the goals, dreams, or hopes they have for this year.

Idea #3: Break the mold by having your child turn their journal into a collection of drawings and paintings.

Idea #4: Organize all the creative juices by teaching your child how to make a mindmap of things they want to learn to do or learn more about.

Creative Journaling Ideas Involving Words

Is your child one that can’t get enough of writing? Or just want to help them expand their written communication skills? These creative journaling ideas involving words are perfect for them!

Idea #1: Look up the word of the day at and write a story that involves it.

Idea #2: Have your child write down their name and see how many words they can create using only the letters from their name.

Idea #3: Challenge them to write down 1 word for each letter in the alphabet that describes how they feel today.

Idea #4: Invite them to write down their favorite song lyrics and combine them to make a new lyrical masterpiece.

Let these creative journal ideas be inspiration for whatever way your child chooses to use their journal. Want even more tips and tricks on how to make writing part of your family routine? Check our blog 10 Tips to Start Journaling!


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