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The Journali Story

Here is The Journali Story told by Rawan on How Journali came to be Helpful for their Son in reducing the Depression and Anxiety during the COVID Pandemic?

So Rawan, tell us about how Journali came to be:

During the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our son started to feel anxious and depressed - nothing was making him happy. Of course it was hard to cope with  - as parents as you just want your children to be happy. We thought that helping him to write his feelings down might help him feel less anxious. 

What happened next?

It was a difficult time with all of the covid lockdowns, and so we started journaling with him to help him process those difficult emotions. It actually helped us understand what he was thinking and feeling. 

Once the school reopened, we found that he was anxious about going back, and when he did, he had problems with concentrating in class. That was a tough time, and we wanted to make sure he had tools to help him make the transition back to learning during the pandemic.

Did you continue with journaling when he was back at school?

Yes. We were also meditating with him, too. After several months of journaling and meditating we started noticing that he started to change positively. 

Calming down his thoughts through meditation, and writing down any anxious feelings seemed to be changing him for the better. He was slowly learning he could be more in control of his mind and emotions.

So how did your son change?

He learned how to be aware of his thoughts and feelings and his concentration became better. In fact, he got really inspired by the power of journaling.

He wanted to make a business and earn money so we thought together that he can make a journal for other kids his age and make it as a business. So it was actually his idea to create Journali! 

Did you encourage his idea?

Absolutely. We wanted to show him that thoughts can become reality and there is nothing impossible in life. So we got to work on creating Journali, and our son helped with choosing the questions to ask in the journal. We got Journali drafted and printed, and now our dream is becoming a reality!

How is your son today?

Today he is a great reader. At the age of 8 he reads the Harry Potter books and he is pushing himself to read even harder books. This wouldn’t happen without the help of journaling! We’re really pleased that Journali can continue to be a presence in his life as he grows up and develops his identity.

What do you say to other parents who are thinking about getting their kids to journal?

I would say go for it. As someone who has seen firsthand how the power of journaling can change someone’s life, then any methods you can take with your children to help them get in touch with their emotions is absolutely worth it.

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