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3 Step Method to Setting Intentions That Will Change Your Life

Happy New Year from the Journali team!

Each year we are reminded that we have the ability to set intentions—but often it can be overwhelming and leave us uncertain about where to start.

Whether you want to instill change in your own life, or are looking to introduce the power of intention setting to your children, in this week’s blog we explore a simple 3 step method that is useful for all ages!

Setting intentions can create consistency in our lives that allows us to be more self-regulated, and less affected by our environment. When we set intentions we begin manifesting the life we wish to have by making conscious choices in how we act, who we are with, and what we prioritize in our life.

1. Get to Know Yourself

Take a moment to ask yourself:

What goals, values, priorities, and habits do I wish to have in my life? And how might introducing these things into my life not only benefit me but those around me as well?

2. Build in Balance

How will these intentions affect me physically, mentally, and emotionally? Make sure that your intentions will add to a more balanced life, and not start to create unhealthy habits.

3. Reflect & Rewire

Each week set aside one day to reflect on how your intentions have gone. What did you achieve easily? What felt difficult? Is there anything you would like to adapt or change for the following week?

Dr. Brian King PHD, a neuroscientist and psychologist, writes: “Habits are behaviors that our brain has learned to produce without thinking about it and making a resolution stick involves creating a new habit.”

As we set intentions we begin to rewire our life through the creation of new habits. These habits then inform how we act without thinking, and create a mode of living for how we move through the world.

Setting intentions, and then achieving those very goals, reminds us that we have the power to change our life externally when we begin to change our relationship to life internally (mental, emotional, spiritual).

Invite your family and friends to join in with you! Setting intentions doesn’t have to be something you do alone, it can be used to bond with those you love.

It’s to grab your journal and write it all down.


Sav Lucia is a Holistic Educator and Writer based in the United Kingdom. She has worked with top tier companies like Hello Alfred and Wellness Coach Live applying the insights of modern science to the fields of consciousness so individuals can better understand their behavior and how it impacts the world around them.

Sav Lucia

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