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Simple Steps to Conscious Parenting

A parent child relationship can be complex, and requires many adjustments as your little one changes and grows. There is no book that tells you how to be a parent, but there are many parent-child relationship problems that can be resolved by shifting the methods used for communication.

Oftentimes when it comes to parenting we think about what the child should and shouldn’t do, rather than how the parent also contributes to the home environment. 

The method of Conscious Parenting asks us to look at raising children from a new angle; inspiring moms and dads to place meditation and self-reflection in the center of their parenting.

Who is the person behind this method? While many voices have contributed to the Conscious Parenting movement, the pioneering figure is Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D, a New York–based clinical psychologist, author, and public speaker.

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Dr. Shefali emphasizes the importance of evaluating culture and legacy, in order to assess the expectations parents hold for their children. In many ways, the Conscious Parenting method is more about parenting the parent, versus parenting the child.

So how can parents get started? Checkout the step-by-step guide below.

Getting Clarity

Take a moment to ask yourself: What is my parenting style? How do you communicate with your child, and what do you expect of them? Is there a strong command of rules and regulations in the house? Is there an ability for parent to sit down with child and have an open discussion? Or is there an element of absence from the home, letting your child parent themselves?

Understanding one’s own parenting style can bring light to patterns held in their approach. Once parents understand their patterns, it is easier to see how cyclical behavior can manifest. 

Building New Skills

Self-regulation is key when it comes to changing behavioral cycles between parent and child. Your child is always watching you. You are their first example in life—so how are you acting? Do you notice how your behavior as a parent contributes to different situations and emotions your child experiences? 

Take a moment to have a conversation with yourself. As you step into this inner dialogue, notice where your ego is. 

Out of your own inner dialogue there is an opportunity to create a conscious choice. How will this choice affect myself, my child, and this situation?

Mastering Communication

Mastering communication requires that parents uncover the real needs behind their child’s behavior. What is the root of the problem, rather than the symptom? Once this can be uncovered, there is an opportunity to create a strategy for solving this problem whenever it arises. And the final step in mastering communication is applying the correct strategy, so parents can continue to shift “conflict to connection,” as Dr. Shefali says.

How is Conscious Parenting woven into Journali?

Our founder and CEO, Rawan Awat, has made it a priority to study and share the power of psychology, and how mindset can reshape our lives. Rawan holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, has studied Childhood Development at Stanford University, and is currently a student of Dr. Shefali training in her Conscious Parenting method. 

Journali is a company that aims to instill the numerous benefits of journaling through mindfulness for children. The Journali children’s diary is foundational to instilling positive psychology, gratitude, and healthy habits for your child. 

Sit down with your child, and let the act of journaling bring you together. Read these tips on how to start journaling.


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