Meet the Team behind Journali:

During the pandemic, my son really wanted an outlet to express his emotions. He was just 7 years old, and he found journaling a healthy way to share how he was feeling. We
found it a really beneficial bonding experience for us both, and my son’s mental health improved.


As an entrepreneur

I have been working on a business around hypnobirthing and natural birth called Soft Birth. I have seen first-hand how the power of journaling and meditation help pregnant women too.


My background has helped me understand the power of emotions and why journaling can help. I have a degree in Psychology and have completed the course on "Children’s Development: Behaviour and Mental Health" at Stanford University.


The idea of Journali was born from these experiences, as we knew we could help others in a similar position when they might be faced with an uncertain or challenging situation. We wanted to create Journals for everyone aged 7 and up, and to help people to recognise just how powerful journaling can be.

Try Journali and see how much your mood can improve!

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